I AM MANIFEST INC has created an activewear label that is designed to be a WEARABLE VISIONBOARD for you to fall in love with YOU.
We create wearable art that is designed for yoga, lounging, the gym, a music festival and any event (or non-event) that has you wishing to stand out in a sea of societal sameness and feel super comfortable. 
We've also created matching peices for you and your family and we believe, those who play together, stay together. 
#iamloved #consciousfashion
Have fun with our playful designs! Our intention is for you to be less serious and play honeybee, it's only life.
We're inspired by crystals, florals, animal prints, cosmic elements and love to create unique products that will turn heads and more importantly start conversations around the concept of I AM LOVE [d]. 
All of our products are love infused and programmed to ensure you feel fantastic every time you wear your fashion. 
We welcome your personal request for intention infusing and programming, which also means you're basically receiving a free energy session with every product you purchase!