“I've felt a deeper connection to my higher self with intuition increased from first Light Club. I'm also more mindful of how and where I'm investing my time. And as you know time is energy.... and more trust. SO much love to you both and Light Clubbers - excited for next one xx


I had the good fortune of receiving a crystal infused water and a Pellowah session from Lee. The session was one of the highest vibrations I have ever been in... Lee is a gifted facilitator whose heartfelt presence lovingly guides and transforms energy to assist anyone to reach their highest potential. My whole body felt infused with light and I could feel a new found clarity and purpose throughout my entire energy field after the session. Lee's work is potent self-empowerment in the energy of infinite love.


Sending love to this group and wanted to share my experience!! My first Light Club experience was very nurturing for me. I felt very looked after and safe to release blockages that were holding me back in my current life, and those blockages were quite self sabotaging and would hinder my trust in self to move forward and move into change and acceptance. 
Since the experience, I have felt really whole with myself, and the new energy that I have taken on has definitely opened my eyes for the better to support and love myself in everything that I want for myself. 

It was such a cool experience, having Simonne and Lee work together is very powerful and I felt the re- calibration throughout my entire body. I left this experience feeling totally grounded and excited at the same time. And I so much look forward to continuing on this journey with Light Club!


Lee Poulson is the essence of Divine Love

She manifests and radiates light and feminine magic in ways beyond my own perceptions.

Her commitment to being a healer and helping people become their whole selves and getting back in the flow is unparalleled. She's a true professional in every sense of the word and passionate with not only making a positive effect for change in her clients but also radiating that out to the whole world. 

You will walk away from one of her treatments lighter, empowered and alive.


Lee comes directly from the heart with angelic intention.Lees presence is a shining light and delight, exuding love and sees ones highest manifestation. Cannot recommend time with Lee enough, a true inspiration of love and joy


Lee is one of the most gifted healers I have ever encountered. She has the ability to tap into your higher self and the warmest sense of love and light! She is and always will be the one healer I turn to for guidance, love and support! I feel like we are all walking each other home and she is the guide I have found to help me navigate the way. Lee is simply just such love and light ❤️💕💕