'Merlin the Magician'


I AM MANIFEST INC invites you to fall in love with this incredible genuine moldavite and pendant, which is attuned and programmed for unconditional love, support and inner guidance, prosperity and abundance consciousness, as well as awakening you to more of who YOU are beyond the veil of illusion or separation. 


We spend months preparing our crystals and program energies using reiki, pellowah light language, sacred geometry grids, crystals and intention. 


In addition, we also offer you your very own programming to be added post purchase. We generally ask for 3 intentions to release and 3 to awaken and this is part of the process of your attuning to this divine crystal and it becoming an ongoing symbol of your journey to achieve mastery, peace on earth, love, joy and ascension. 


This powerful talisman of a pendant has been designed with love and handcrafted with artisan care.


Beautifully set in 925 Sterling Silver, this genuine Moldavite pendant is a stunning statement piece. Natural raw Moldavite glows a gorgeous forest green and features molten markings and one of a kind tektite surface texture. The simple four claw design showcases the completely natural beauty of this cosmic raw gemstone. This Moldavite was sourced in the Czech Republic, the only known location for genuine stones.

Moldavite is known to help one overcome obstacles on the spiritual path. It is a perfect piece for those who wish to embark on a mystical inner journey and is coveted by crystal healers and shamans for it’s metaphysical powers. A powerfully healing, and strikingly eye-catching adornment! (Chain sold separately) 


Moldavite increases your clarity, intuition and awareness, helps you release stress and let go of unnecessary mental and emotional baggage, bring out your inner beauty to the surface, and shine truth all along your path in life. It has the capacity to transform all darkness into light and help you become the best version of yourself.


Please note a chain is not included and for sale is the pendant only. 

  • Moldavite Information

    Weight: 20.5 Carats (4.1 grams)

    MOLDAVITE - Heart chakra

    • Stone of Transformation
    • Intense and high frequency
    • The Holy Grail Stone- Good Luck and Manifestation
    • Psychic Protection
    • Great Stone for Spirit Guide Contact
    • Enhances Psychic Gifts
    • Kundalini Arousal
    • Synchronicity and Coincidence

    Thank you for falling in love with this precious meteorite, that promises to take you on a soul-full journey within and without, you were soar through the cosmos and beyond! 

    In a recent channel, the information came through that moldavite is an ancient galactic record keeper for the starseed. 

    Please make contact with you and provide me with your intensions so that we can personally activate and program your crystal just for you. 

    It isn't for everyone but who it is for, it's going to change your life forever. 


  • Merlin the Magician Symbolism

    The message was very clear "Merlin the Magician IS the Man in the Mirror" 

    Merlin represents the great old sage-wizard archetype. He’s known as a powerful magician, a spiritual teacher, and a psychic visionary.

    I feel this is guidance that you are to perceive Yourself as the Magician. The Magician is within you and you are the creator of your reality. 

    Merlin is happy to give lightworkers a magical leg-up; however, he always cautions that we use our "inner wizards" in the name of spiritual service and not for self-gain.

    Merlin is the champion of both dark and light, recognising the power within both forces if they're approached fearlessly and in balance. If it's an increase in magical knowledge, spell-casting, or inner strength or power that you seek, by all means call upon this consciousness.

    Merlin Energy assists with

    • Alchemy
    • Crystals
    • Divine magic
    • Energy work and healing
    • Prophecy and divination
    • Psychic abilities