I AM MANIFEST INC initially had the vision of men wearing our signature iamloved tees, more so than women. In particular we're passionate about supporting men who are often suffering in silence.
We're on a mission to have men feel okay about their mental health matters and to let them know they matter. The levels of suicide, homelessness, depression and anxiety are also more prevalent in men than women and it's important that we open our hearts to all as one.
#weareone #iamloved
Men are conditioned to be less emotional, to hide their feelings, to suck it up and to be 'strong'. Men are taught from an early age that it's weak to show emotion and to ask for help. Well, we believe it's the absolute opposite. It's brave and courageous to stand up, speak out. True strength is found in vulnerability.
It's our intention that men feel brave to be themselves, to wear their heart on their sleeves so to speak and to speak out about their need for love and support.