I AM MANIFEST INC is pleased to offer you activated, genuine museum grade moldavite and personally channeled and energetically programmed crystal elixrs. 
I AM MANIFEST INC. offers a free energy activation with every moldavite or elixr that is purchased, making it incredible value and priceless support. 
We've been co-creating magic with moldavite for 12 years now and we began to offer personally activated peices due to receiving a number of personal requests. In addition to the moldavite, we personally program and activate them as well as add your personal intentions and affirmations. 
We also set up your moldavite to co-create with you in love and benevolence and according to your own highest wisdom. 
Unfortunately there are a huge amount of fake moldavite coming out of China! If you can, meet your moldavite in person and hold it. Take a breath and ask if it is real. You should feel a moldavite flush, which is a tingly sensation in your hand.
Our signature I AM 1111 Mystic Crystal Elixir, was created during the 1111 Portal Gateway and is created as a foundational Mother Essence for all future elixrs to come. 
If you have a request for a particular elixir to support you in this NOW, please let us know.