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Sat Nam and Infinite Blessings in love to you.

I AM here to share my wisdom and inner guidance to assist you to fall in love with yourself, to awaken to your divinity from within, to achieve your dream business with conscious awareness, integrity and passion.



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I am

I'm a Pellowah Teacher, Reiki Master/Teacher and Sound Healer based in Sydney and it's my mission to help you upgrade yourself to the New Earth Energy via my products, energy sessions, guidance and activations.


I'm especially passionate about spreading the message of love to the broader community and wish to help those dealing with mental health issues, homelessness and victims of violence.

In addition to offering distant and in-person energy sessions and workshops, I've also created an #iamloved range of products, which are designed to spread the message of love as I wish to achieve commUNITY consciousness. 


Every product sold from my range helps to offer love and support to another in need. All of my products are energy infused and programmed for activating love.


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I AM MANIFEST INC is a multi-dimensional platform dedicated to the creation of conscious products, which hold energetic vibrations to support and enhance you on a micro level and to your community, on a macro level.  We invite you to be a walking vision board of love, for yourself and for all who see you. We want conversations to start, smile at a stranger or engage in random acts of kindness, just because you can. 



We aim to connect you to your spiritual essence and encourage you to awaken to your divinity from within. It is within this dimension that you can embody unity consciousness, which is the key to peace on earth. Journey within to awaken peace, love, joy and abundance consciousness. 

Our passion revolves around mental health awareness and offer products and services, as well as a voice to assist those in need, whether it be as extreme as one sleeping rough or as common as social anxiety or acute mental and physical illnesses. No one is immune to the power of love and it is our greatest message to the world:

'I AM LOVE [d]'

Our signature slogan is actually an affirmation that carries the most powerful vibration possible. It is an affirmation of being love, feeling love and sharing love. It is for the wearer and all who see the product. It's created as a gift of love for yourself and for another.



'Conscious Cult' is a playful addition to I AM MANIFEST INC and is an invitation for you to join the Love Movement, Join the Cult, where you are the Conscious Creator of your Reality. It's a little tongue in cheek, as our message may seem contradictory to the traditional definition of a 'cult'  but this is the entire get you conscious in this NOW, to reject an 'old energy collective cult status' and comes with a powerful message:-






We're here to support you to be your own Leader, Master and Guru. Your Guru is within you.


We've created a range of you-nique products that represent the 'Conscious Cult Leader', which are based around self-love and creative expression. The true Leader follows no trends and instead creates them. You will stand out in a sea of societal sameness. You will start conversations and create a conscious culture for our future.

Conscious Culture is about standing up for the rights of humanity as a whole, for taking steps towards achieving unity consciousness, to educate yourself on mental health matters, for judging no one, but acting with love and compassion and most importantly we invite you to take compassionate action in your every day life.

In every moment you have a choice, to act as a kind and responsible human to yourself and the planet, or to add to the collective low vibrational frequencies. YOU can make a difference in this world. 


We enjoy creating fashions for men and women attending Burning Man festival for instance, everyday loungewear, yoga and the gym.


We want you to create your own trends and follow no one.


All of our conscious fashions are infused with high vibrations and are designed to be a wearable vision board in love, optimism and mastery. 

In addition to vision boarding you in love, we offer vibrational crystal elixirs, which are personally programmed and channeled to support you from within, as well as energy sessions, both in person and distant, which incorporates Reiki, Pellowah, Light Language and Quantum DNA Energy Play. We are able to channel messages direct from your Higher Self to assist you in your own journey to achieve Mastery in this NOW.





I AM LOVEd Movement for mentl health awareness

The I AM LOVE [d] Movement was born out a desire to dispel the stigmas associated with mental illness. Michael, my brother has always been my inspiration and in fact, he was the first one to receive my i am loved products. His reactions were testament that this was an important platform to work with.


Michael 46, Schizophrenic: My Brother, My Motivation and My Hero


Michael is my hero. The pain and the suffering that he has and is enduring is common to so many who are battling with a mental illness. He is an absolute warrior of life, however, and is such a joy to be around. Truth is, we've never had a fight in all of our years together and even all through his illness, he has always been so caring and protective and so very loving, towards me.

Michael was the first person to receive my iamloved hat, tee, badge and wristband and I remember the first time I was giving him his care bag and if truth be known, I was so nervous. You just never know what to expect when you're dealing with a schizophrenic. I was afraid that he'd think the love message plastered across his head and chest would be corny, weird and too feminine. His reaction was priceless, however and we both experienced a divine moment of unconditional love for each other. My heart expanded beyond what my words could describe. It's a cherished memory that confirms i am loved is an important aspect of my soul mission! It was a huge confirmation for me. The message works! There were tears all round and still to this day, he wears his love products and now a wristband on each arm that he refuses to take off. He says they're his most prized possessions and he may never truly understand it, but I did it all for him. He is my motivation for spreading the message of love. 

I had my vision of iamloved based around the homeless, and mentally ill wearing them. I thought it would help them to receive compassion and humanise them to the broader public. They're suffering enough and it breaks my heart that the stigmas are still rampant within society, based on what is a disease of the mind. 

I am loved is for the entire community of course and my other passion is for women and men who have suffered domestic violence, which is very close to my heart also. My plan is to also create a white label in honour of these strong warriors in a bid to have them feel love and loved. Love is an energy that is within all of us and sometimes it takes just a small action of compassion to change the life in another. 

I would pray that if you stumble across my message to spread love, that it sparks the same desire in yourself. Go forward and connect with your inner love and spread it forward. Smile at a stranger, buy a homeless person a sandwich or help that little old lady across the street. Call your Mum. There is no deed that ever goes unnoticed.